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Saving $$ – What Do You Throw Away?

Chemical companies, drillers, haulers, and anyone else connected to the mess of oil on gloves and clothes, could find savings or revenue opportunity in this product, which is fairly new to the oilfield.

Given the drive in our industry sector to reduce hazardous waste costs, reduce landfill, and recycle, we make it a priority to present to you cutting edge products, technology and methods for going green, recycling, saving money, and time. This week, we are presenting a little gem that has multiple applications. But, for the sake of this writing, let’s concentrate on clothing cleanup for workers who come into contact with oil.

Recently uniforms and gloves were pulled out of the hazardous waste garbage to demonstrate how well this product works. The oil soaked clothing was washed in a regular washing machine. The end result was clean clothing and clean washing equipment.

Several major companies are recycling uniforms and gloves so frequently, that their budgets for crew uniforms and clothing have dropped significantly.

This product is starting to catch on like wildfire. And, boy are their workers happy and so are their bean counters!

Can you say, Cha Ching?

Current customers are able to recycle uniforms and gloves ten times or more. This could reflect upwards of a 90% reduction in crew clothing costs. Even their washing machines are lasting longer, because this product disintegrates the oil. And, the clothes and gloves no longer have that heavy diesel fuel smell.

Several tests have been conducted to determine that the flame retardant characteristics of FR rated coveralls, gloves, and jackets cleaned with this product are unaffected. This cleaning agent successfully passed both and was verified to not degrade the flame retardant fabric characteristics. It is certified by the flammable material manufacturer as safe to use on FR oil crew clothing.

It removes diesel odors, oil based stains, and hard to clean drilling mud.

The best part of all:

100% Organic and Toxin Free


pH Neutral

Environmentally Safe

No pre-treatment is necessary; just follow the simple washing instructions:

Place in Top Load Washer (HOT WATER PREFERRED)

GLOVES: Add 2 cups of Laundry Cleaner and 2 cups of Powder

Should a second wash be necessary add:

1 cup of Laundry Cleaner and 1 cup of Powder
CLOTHING: Add 1 cup Laundry Cleaner and 2 cups of Powder

Voila –Clean, Non-Smelly Coveralls and Gloves!

We will be sharing more later about other attributes and applications of this product. But for now, yes, it can be used as a rig wash, treating oily water, mud tank cleaning, and oil spill clean-up without removing soil or major expense and it is environmentally safe.

Whether you are interested in using the product for savings in your company or interested in selling it, we will connect you direct with this advertiser. We are excited about the overall impact this product could have on reduced landfill, reduced costs, and recycling. Please contact us to help us advance this value to the market:

Have a great week!



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