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Welcome to,

My name is Jen Casebier. I was previously the Sales and Marketing Director over North and South America for a manufacturer and supplier of ceramic proppant and other drilling commodities. The more familiar I became with the industry and the many pressing needs of the oilfield service companies, the more I recognized the opportunity to minimize their efforts in securing a multitude of resources and supplies.


A website for Centralized Resourcing of Drilling Supplies and Services, as well as a reference for current market pricing on commodities used in the industry.

 Our goals:

* increase options for buyers

* shorten the distance to getting answers and securing supplies

* create results:

          savings for buyers

          increased returns to suppliers, and

          opportunities for brokers


In addition to providing a clearing house for networking in the oil & gas industry, the DHT Team publishes a weekly Newsletter to update our members on trends, news and data. Visit our Blog page for previous articles. As a centralized network, DHT also receives opportunities for investing, new products, and innovative money saving and environment preserving ideas. As a member of our Newsletter, you will receive these updates on a weekly basis along with our updated Trading Board Offerings and New Listings. Be sure to sign up to trial our Newsletter today!

Please help us in our efforts to grow by sharing the news about’s Trading Board .  We are here to provide you friendly service and quick results.

If you have ideas of items you would like to see in our offerings or suggestions for website, your ideas are always welcome. Please feel free to email me at:

Also, all prices posted on DHT’s Trading Board are set by the suppliers. When inquiries come in from end users, suppliers are connected direct with the customer to provide specifications, test reports, and terms. Email us: and a submission form will be sent to you.

Thank you for joining us.

Jen Casebier

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